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But srsly though


If you ever find yourself in a Disney movie


And someone or something starts being mysteriously surrounded by lime green


Stay away from the thing


Everything lime green is evil


Just remember that.


Everything lime green is evil.

Every Villain ILime 

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Honestly we should be damn proud when people tell us that “we just sit there” when we ride. We’ve fooled the majority of the world into thinking that riding a horse is simple.

Bc we’re just that good at making it look easy.

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Questions for Riders

  • 1. Why did you start riding?
  • 2. What was the name of the first horse you rode?
  • 3. The horse that taught you the most?
  • 4. Scariest riding experience?
  • 5. Riding related pet peeve?
  • 6. Picture of your first horse?
  • 7. Biggest achievement in riding so far?
  • 8. Which discipline do you do?
  • 9. If you could try a different discipline, which would you pick?
  • 10. Showing or trail riding?
  • 11. Thoroughbreds or warmbloods?
  • 12. Favourite breed of horse?
  • 13. Best riding advice you've ever gotten?
  • 14. What does everyone need to know about horses?
  • 15. Colourful or traditional tack?
  • 16. Favourite part of the equestrian community?
  • 17. Least favourite part?
  • 18. Goals for riding?
  • 19. Worst advice you've ever gotten?
  • 20. Were you ever "that one horse girl" in school?
  • 21. Most embarrassing moment?
  • 22. What is the best part of riding right now?
  • 23. What do you want to change about the way you ride?
  • 24. Favourite famous horse?
  • 25. The worst habit a horse could have is?
  • 26. Do you listen to music when you ride? What songs?
  • 27. Favourite place to show at? Post a picture?
  • 28. Are you a nervous rider?
  • 29. Ever been on a horse- themed holiday?
  • 30. If you knew you could, what would you change about the horse world?
  • 31. What are the goals behind the way you ride and train your horses?
  • 32. Describe your perfect horse.
  • 33. What is in your grooming bucket?
  • 34. Worst ride ever?
  • 35. Do your parents and friends support your riding?
  • 36. Worst fall you've ever had?
  • 37. Most recent fall?
  • 38. Favourite riding outfit?
  • 39. Riding idol?
  • 40. Are you going to have a career with horses?
  • 41. Do you have any equitation flaws you'd like to fix?
  • 42. Are there any styles/ trends/ etc that you don't like in the horse world?
  • 43. Any training methods that you completely disagree with?
  • 44. What is your grooming routine?
  • 45. Thoughts on riding without a helmet?
  • 46. Small or big horses?
  • 47. Funniest show name you've ever heard?
  • 48. What would you name your dream horse?
  • 49. Favourite colour of horse?
  • 50. For or against spurs, crops and artificial aids?
  • 51. Describe your horse, if you have one!
  • 52. How high have you jumped?
  • 53. Do you have a job with horses?
  • 54. How many times a week are you at the barn?
  • 55. Have you ever catch ridden?
  • 56. Bareback or saddle?
  • 57. Thoughts on liberty?
  • 58. Rider you would like to meet?
  • 59. Any other facts about yourself and your horses!

Wake up early. Drink coffee. Work hard. Be ambitious. Keep your priorities straight, your mind right and your head up. Do well, live well and dress really well. Do what you love, love what you do. It is time to start living.

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  • things I should be doing: reading
  • things I want to do: read
  • thing that I am putting off for no conceivable reason: reading