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    have you ever just cried because you’re you

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    • me using other peoples microwaves: what the fuck
  • "Some things once you’ve loved them become yours forever. And if you try to let them go they only circle back and return to you, they become part of you or they destroy you."

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    My mom found this picture this morning while she was looking for motivational sayings for children. This absolutely appalling photo came up in the google search and frankly I think we should talk about it

    I don’t even know where to start. While some of these lines are just stupid, most of them are flat-out ABUSIVE. “When a girl wants to leave you because of your rude behaviour but she can’t”? HELLO FRIEND THAT IS CALLED AN ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIP. Ditto for “still loves you no matter how much you hurt her”

    In regards to the line about “annoying your partner with your problems”, you should always be able to tell your partner ANYTHING. Basically here they are telling girls to bottle up their emotions in an unhealthy way just so they don’t “annoy you”.

    I will not share this with the idea that this is how someone should act. I will, however, share it with the intent to show how completely fucking wrong this is. This is advocating an abusive relationship and should NOT be classified as a “motivational saying for CHILDREN”. Because this is behaviour I do not want condoned.

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    Color meme: Ygritte + Autumn Colors

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    I kind of want all our videos to have a slightly cinematic feel to them and I kind of wanted get away as much as possible from doing the typical performance videos. As a bit of a film geek it’s just nice to be remotely involved in the process of making a video and awkwardly I had to be in a couple of them, but hopefully that will change!

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